Profish Doorknob Silhouette 11 inch-Mackerel (Marlin)

Profish Doorknob Silhouette 11 inch-Mackerel (Marlin)
Lure Length  11.0
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1 Silhouettes™

High quality, precision crafted, weighted and balanced soft lure head with holographic reflective finish.

2 Doornob® Technology

Laminar flow over these hourglass-shaped heads creates a low pressure area which accelerates seawater as it passes rearward. This aeronautical principle results in a straight-running lure, capable of higher trolling speeds.

3 Fishskins® Skirt

Tough & Tangle Free

Attract all pelagic fish, especially marlin, tuna, sailfish, dorado, wahoo, yellowtail and rooster fish.

* Maximum contrast with the highest visibility in all light situations.
* Superb tracking and great smoke trails in all sea and wind conditions.
* Clear, tough, soft lure heads with the clarity and beauty of polished resin.
* Tough, tangle-free Fishskin® skirts, color coordinated with the lure body. All colors refract light in the blue/violet spectrum that gamefish see best.
* Teflon center tube to protect leader.

Strike Proven Colors Available
4 - Mean Joe Green
Dk Green/Black 7 - Sablefish
9 - Zucchini
Orange/Lime/Green 3 - Mackerel
2 - Dorado
Green/Gold/Blue 6 - Petrolero
Red/Root Beer/Black
8 - Skipjack
Purple/Lt Blue/Dk Blue
5 - Mexican Flag

"Don't fool with Mother Nature."

Remember that old adage? Well that's exactly what the innovative folks at Pro Fish Co. have done with the new Silhouette series Doornob trolling lures. Pro Fish Co. has used Mother Nature's own natural bait fish camouflage and turned it into a deadly fish attractor.

Apex predators live in a world that is dark when looking down and light when looking up. This is why nearly all open water fish, predator and prey alike have dark colored backs and silver bellies. It simply helps them blend into the background, therefore making them more difficult to see.

These new silhouette lures sport a reverse camouflage pattern with the darker colors on the belly and the lighter colors on the back. This simple reversal of the natural color pattern makes the Silhouettes easier for game fish to see. It also triggers the strike instinct in predators who view them as weaker and more vulnerable targets that are perceived to be swimming upside down. Easy prey.

Silhouettes are offered in the Nine (9), all time best strike producing color patterns. Each color is available in four (4), wave compatible sizes covering all boat trolling positions: "Short & Long Corners", "Short & Long Riggers", and "Stinger/Shotgun".

Let Pro Fish Co. make your time on the water more productive with Silhouettes. These lures are the most technically advanced and innovative trolling lures you've ever p
ut behind your boat. Fish them with confidence.
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